Serengeti gold

With a name such as Serengeti Gold, one would expect that players will be able to look forward to a fresh theme which brings the wild African safari aspect to life on a casino table. The reels themselves set against an impressive clean, natural landscape consisting of everything from open plains to vegetation covered meadows. Players are presented with many options when it comes to choosing the game, and players will find that the layout has plenty of options available to them. A player will find that with Serengeti Gold that they have a wide range of choices in terms of whether to play the purely luck based casino games or the casino games in which a player needs skill, strategy and perhaps a hint of luck to get through their opponents. In either case, a player will find that this is a game that is easy to learn, relatively inexpensive to play, but not so easy that a novice player should find it difficult to beat the more experienced players.

In some games, including the slot machines and the video poker machines, there will be a certain amount of money that a player is going to need to play with in order to win. These amounts will generally be a maximum of about two thousand (two thousand and five hundred) Kenyan shillings or about a dollar. The minimum jackpot in most slot machines in any casino is usually around one hundred or so Kenyan shillings. The jackpot in video poker machines is generally a little smaller, but some video poker sites do offer a higher maximum of around five hundred Kenyan shillings.

There are a couple of additional features that a player can activate when playing at this slot machine. One option that a player can activate is called the High Volatility Feature. This feature works in that every time a player wins a jackpot he or she will receive one hundred times their regular winnings. This is essentially a special slot machine designed for those that enjoy playing at the high-roller slots that have the tendency to pay out really large amounts of money on a regular basis.